Automated Administration!

How exciting! 

Well, if you were the moderator of 142 chat groups…  you’d be excited.   Trust me.   It used to be only jerks and trolls we had to deal with…. but now…. and we knew if was only a matter of time….  we have automated spam bots.     They join your group silently.   Then weeks or months later, they add a “friend” to your group.   Then weeks later, that friend bot adds another one.   Finally, the last one starts spamming like crazy.   Of course, you delete and ban… but it doesn’t help.   The first several culprits are still members…. lying in wait like a dormant virus.

That’s where automated group admin bots come in.  Now, every time any new user joins ( bot or human ), they are muted by default.  They can only get unmuted by pressing a button.  And bots can’t press buttons ( yet! ).    Spam problem solved….. for now. 

Another huge benefit is…. when I ban a user (or bot posing as a user), now he is automatically banned from ALL of my “federation” of chat groups…. automagically.   Thanks to our new group admin bot called, Rose.    😊

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