It’s a Start

There…. Now I’m finished with 2 chat groups…..

It’s more work than it looks like… to get it right.

And now I have a to do list / process…. of what needs done each time I add a new chat group. That should make the process a lot easier.

But I’m not going to go crazy adding a zillion groups…. They become too specific… and people won’t join so many…. so they go silent…. and it all just becomes clutter.

Only super specific topics… that recieve a lot of posts… posts that would probably annoy or alienate users who are not “into” that topic…. need their own chat group. For example, many topics I think we’re all into… like: technology, science, privacy, android, etc.

By the way, I love the way I can navigate to any of our chat groups so so so quickly. Just tap the pinned message, then tap the group you want. Your muscle memory instantly memorizes the movement. ⚡️ fast !!

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