Media Sources

Media Sharing Channels on Telegram

Join any or all of these channels… And use Telegram’s Search feature to search them for the titles you want…


Foreign Movies

Thai Movies





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Largest Sources of Media in the World

Torrent Index Sites



Everything   ( All Types of Media, Movies, TV, Audiobooks, eBooks, You Name It, It’s All Here )

Pro-Privacy Torrent Downloading Service

To use simply go to any of those Torrent Index Sites listed above and find the media item you want.  Then copy the “magnet” link (right-click Copy on the icon that looks like a magnet).   Then go to and Paste that magnet link in to the Add Files box and press go.

Although the service is not free… it is so cheap that it’s nearly free…  and it is oh so worth it.   ( If you truly can’t afford the cost of membership, message me and I’ll see what we can do.  I love this service so much, the owner has become a great friend. @bwusth )  

Note: Some of these web sites will pester you to Allow notifications. Don’t Allow. Some will open new tabs. Just close those newly opened tabs to continue. Don’t install any apps or software. None is needed. Use only to download the torrents you find. Your identity will remain anonymous to your ISP, authorities, and everyone. Using eliminates the need for a VPN for doing BitTorrent.

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Do you know any other resources for this list?   Let us know at @bwusth