Rules for All Chat Groups

Here on, there aren’t many rules, but the ones there are… will be strictly enforced.

• Don’t spam.

•  You must be 21 years old or older to use these chat groups.

• Be respectful of the others in the chat. Keep in mind that even snide or snarky responses are rude and disrespectful.

• Stay on topic – keep hello’s, goodbye’s, and discussing the weather here… to a minimum.

• We don’t want your instagram promotion, or group promotion, or business promotion, or ponzi scheme promotion, or any other sort of self promotion here…  so if that’s why you’re here, just leave now. 

•  We don’t want to see promotion of any specific “investment opportunities” — other than bitcoin itself — here.   We want no promotion of altcoins or ICOs.   This is also not the place for endless discussion about price, trading, or so-called “technical analysis” nonsense. 

• Use English language only please.

•  No bots are allowed — unless the Admin adds one.

Be sure to check the page frequently for a list of our federated chat groups and channels.